Nurturing Mind, Body & Spirit

Achieving “Whole Person Wellness”

Nurturing mind, body & spirit with a holistic model that provides a framework for our associates to help residents achieve a higher level of well-being / Heritage of Tulsa.Every day as we care for seniors with dementia, we embrace the idea of incorporating the Six Dimensional Wellness Model which was developed by Dr. Bill Hettler, Cofounder of the National Wellness Institute. This holistic model provides a framework for our associates to help residents achieve a higher level of health, well-being, and purpose in life.

The basic principles of this model focus on creating balance in the six main areas that make up a person’s life: Physical, Social, Emotional, Spiritual, Intellectual, and Occupational (Purposeful). We use this understanding and knowledge of the 6 Dimensions of Wellness to address the changing needs of your loved one through meaningful, focused activities that engage residents and offer support in these different areas. Whole-person wellness strives to help each individual achieve and maximize their own individual potential.

How The Six Dimensions Of Wellness Impact Our Lives

Additionally, physical wellness is concerned with taking a positive role in disease prevention and seeking medical attention when necessary. Through their relationship with residents along with regular interaction and observation, our nursing staff is able to recognize the warning signs for sickness and disease and take proactive action to promote optimal physical health.

Physical wellness is developed through healthy eating, consistent sleep, addressing medical issues, and regular exercise. All of these are necessary components to physical well being and as people age, often take a back seat to aches and pains which tend to only enhance problems and discomfort.

Heritage Point of Tulsa will provide your loved one with opportunities to:

  • Get regular exercise and have fun doing it
  • Maintain good nutrition
  • Regularly have their health monitored
  • Have access to on-site health services

Social Wellness involves building healthy, loving, and supportive relationships with family, friends and colleagues. Our relationships have a significant impact on the happiness and fulfillment we feel in our lives. Relationships provide us with a support system to get through life’s challenges and bear witness to life’s joys and triumphs.

Heritage Point of Tulsa will provide your loved one with opportunities to:

  • Be surrounded by positive people
  • Expand their opportunity for enhanced personal relationships and friendships
  • Positively contribute to the well being of other people
  • Live in harmony with others and their environment
  • Respect & discuss others values and beliefs while providing opportunities to celebrate their own

Emotional Wellness is about understanding the full range of your feelings and how they are affected by the world around you. It is in our nature to experience both positive and negative emotions and the key to achieving stability and wellness is to strike a balance between these two.

Anger, grief, anxiety, and depression are some of the significant negative emotions that are impactful on our lives as well as the lives of our elders; particularly when they are dealing with the frustrations of memory loss and confusion. Our understanding of how these emotions arise and how to manage them is crucial to creating emotional wellness for your loved one.

Heritage Point of Tulsa will encourage and support your loved one to:

  • Cope and adjust to their challenges in healthy ways
  • Enjoy life’s moments
  • Find reasons to be optimistic
  • Believe in themselves and their abilities

Spiritual Wellness refers to when our values and beliefs are aligned with our actions and we can live in a state of harmony with the outer world while balancing our inner needs. As we grow spiritually, we discover that our life has meaning and purpose and our experiences are part of a larger plan.

While growing spiritually, people experience a broad spectrum of feelings. Some days might be filled with joy, while others may create feelings of being lost, doubtful, or afraid.

Heritage Point of Tulsa will support your loved one with opportunities to:

  • Honor, respect, and express their personally held faith
  • Find purpose and meaning in their life
  • Define their values and beliefs
  • Come together with others to worship in meaningful ways

Intellectual Wellness is centered on learning and keeping the mind engaged in creative and stimulating activities. Any activity that encourages creative expression and expands your mind is geared toward this area of wellness.

Pursuing hobbies, going to museums, creating art, and discussing topics of interest are all examples of activities that support brain development. As a person ages, it is more challenging to learn new information and to remember what you have learned.

Heritage Point of Tulsa will provide your loved one with opportunities to:

  • Explore issues related to problem solving, creativity, and learning
  • Participate in activities designed to help residents gain knowledge and learn new things
  • Pursue opportunities that offer new and different experiences
  • Set and achieve personal, team, and family goals
  • Enjoy a higher level of satisfaction by actively engaging their minds active

Occupational (Purposeful) wellness recognizes that people feel personal satisfaction when they are actively engaged in things that have meaning and purpose. Self worth, self esteem, and self confidence stem from accomplishments and interactions that involve activities that are in line with personal values, interests, and beliefs.

Heritage Point of Tulsa will provide your loved one with opportunities to:

  • Participate in life activities that utilize their unique talents, skills, and experiences
  • Stay involved and engaged in their community
  • Utilize the support and structure provided by our staff to experience success and achieve meaningful goals
  • Feel a sense of purpose in life